Case study

Taking cybersecurity from $45m to $100m with hyper-scale

The facts

Reduce costs, increase output, generate leads

A leading cybersecurity company, recently named in the 10 most innovative companies by Fast Company, was looking to support their incredible growth with a marketing campaign solution that could truly scale. Within the first year of working together, we had successfully executed over 400 campaigns both digital and physical across the globe, resulting in incredible growth in lead numbers, reduction in wasted marketing spend, and a campaign engine that can match any amount of scale required instantly.

The Challenge

10-100 is often more difficult than 0-1

Growing companies always have marketing teams that are overwhelmed with the demand for more leads and brand awareness whilst dealing with the pressure of reduced or flat budgets YoY. Not only this, but as marketing teams grow, project management, technology stacks and creative output become more and more complex. Our client was looking to get ahead of all of these problems and capture their full commercial potential by utilizing our late-stage campaigns solution to its fullest extent.

The solution

Creating efficient growth, at speed

We empowered individual marketers within our clients team to be able to create end-to-end global omni-channel campaigns through a simple briefing form that would turnaround a live campaign within a matter of weeks. This allowed marketers to focus on a strategic level of marketing whilst our team handled everything from creative, copy, project management, email marketing, to paid performance, marketing operations and OOH.


Learn from our experience

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