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Our philosophy is based on the fact that the world is the way it is simply because those before us built it that way, whether that's in regards to how companies succeed, how teams are built or the capability of the technology we have. We're always focused on how we can influence our future with our day-to-day actions and take on challenges that we know need a solution no matter how large.


Our offices

We're constantly expanding our global footprint and whilst our team currently spans 3 continents, we have a physical home in 2. Our ambitious clients want a global customer base so we ensure that we can provide them with incredible service regardless of borders or timezones.

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We’re a collective of thinkers and doers that strive to deliver the best

Technology maybe the future, but the only thing that makes our agency is the people within it. We pride ourselves on the confident decisions made by our in-house experts to advise some of the worlds most valuable, reputable and fastest-growing companies. We know that truly great marketing is the result of bringing together a truly diverse group of people and creating an open environment to explore ideas until we land on something incredible.

Art Linkowski, Head of Client Services

“Being surrounded by hard-working, passionate and incredibly skilled colleagues is one of the many highlights of working at Bordeaux & Burgundy.”


Learn from our experience

We keep our finger on the pulse of B2B marketing to ensure our clients, network and friends stay constantly in the know. Whether its the latest technology, the newest controversy or simply sharing great insights, we make sure our audience know about it!

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